Nascar Star Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Gets Engaged
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is going to take the "Big Plunge." He proposed to his long time girlfriend, Amy Reimann Wednesday. Nascar.com reports, Amy and Dale are on a family trip in Germany with Dale's sister, and brother in law.
Steve Wiley Is Giving His CDs Away!
I've been collecting CDs since 1987. Sometimes it seems like they mate & multiply overnight. They're everywhere, like the "Tribbles" on Star Trek. My collection easily exceeds 1,000. Some of them haven't been listened to in years. Others have never been played, and a few…
How Did Houdini Die? Have You Ever Wondered? [Video]
Harry Houdini was the first of the great "Magicians" of all time . He paved the way for the likes of David Copperfield, and Penn & Teller. He was arguably the greatest escape artist of all time. Since his death in 1926, urban legends abound about how he died. Watch this for the real sc…

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