If you don't complete the list, did you even Halloween, bro?

As we get closer to the big day, Halloween, I'm realizing there are quiet a few traditional things I haven't done yet. Now that Halloween is coming up next week, I'm starting to feel a little stressed. I think this is one surefire way to rob yourself of the joy of a holiday. What funny is that I tell myself every year that it's going to be different.

Needless to say, my Halloween checklist is very un-checked.

What's on the list, you ask? Well it's a combination of Halloween traditions on Mental Floss and things that I typically see on social media this time of year. It's like a witch's potion of tradition and whimsy.

You get one point for everything you've done this season...

1. Donned a costume
2. Ate candy
3. Carved a pumpkin
4. Visited a Haunted House
5. Visited an actual haunted place
6. Watched a scary movie
7. Watched a Halloween-related movie (not necessarily scary)
8. Decorated your front porch/lawn/house
9. Saw a ghost
10. Went trick-or-treating
11. Spotted a black cat
12. Bobbed for apples
13. Played a prank on someone
14. Lit a candle/enjoyed a bonfire
15. Spotted a bat
16. Visited a pumpkin patch
17. Navigated a corn maze
18. Visited a cemetery
19. Enjoyed a hayride
20. Hosted/attended a Halloween party

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