Stone Energy held the Annual United Way of Acadiana Gumbo Cookoff yesterday, and almost 100 teams participated.

Seafood gumbo and chicken and sausage gumbo weren't the only things being prepared: some teams came with grills to serve up some succulent meats to their employees, team members and customers. Jamie Bergeron and the Kickin' Cajuns provided the entertainment, all the way up to the downpour as they were wrapping up their last song.

The United Way of Acadiana Gumbo Cookoff is not only a great fundraiser for the community, it is also an incredible networking opportunity for industries in the area.

I spoke with several teams who like the fact that they could socialize with customers they normally only see in "the shop" or at the workplace. This cookoff allows them to speak casually to customers, giving them the opportunity to form friendships.

Even if we don't win, we enjoy the camaraderie the event allows. We're competing here for the 5th year, we've seen loads of customers we've been able to socialize with, and made new friends.  All of that is bonus to the fact that we are helping raise money for United Way, because they do some great work right here at home". - One of the team captains from the event.

The United Way was very pleased with the turnout, stating that the economy and recent flooding had them worried.

This year's winners:


  1. Taylor International "2"
  2. Stone Energy, Deepwater Division
  3. Univar


  1. American Eagle
  2. Natcher
  3. Gulf Pro


  1. ESS Support Services (Team #80)

Congratulations to the winning teams, and thanks to all for supporting United Way of Acadiana!


United Way Gumbo Cookoff (Photo by John Falcon)