People in South Louisiana treasure many things and some things we would not give up even if it meant being debt-free.

A recent discussion on social media asked folks what they'd be willing to give up in their everyday life if it meant them being debt-free.

Some admitted that they'd be willing to give up social media, while others suggested that they'd give up their pets and even their cell phones if it meant them not having bills.

Well, we got into a discussion talking about the opposite and we asked, "What could you not give up if it meant being debt-free?"

Specifically, we asked about things that we treasure in Louisiana and that we'd not be willing to forfeit even if it erased our debt.

Gumbo Pot
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For starters, most in Louisiana would NEVER give up a good gumbo. With cooler temeperatures arriving, gumbo is on the minds of many and there's no way most would give that up even if it meant erasing a mortgage.

Florida v LSU
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Next, sports came up. People in the deep south love sports and there's no way we'd give up watching football or college baseball. Many around here plan their weeks and even weddings around sporting events, so giving up sports to be debt-free is a major NOPE!

To Purge, or Not to Purge
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What about crawfish? Would anyone who loves a good crawfish boil give up this Southern delicacy just to be debt-free? I highly doubt it, people in Louisiana await ccrawfish season like we await football season.


Family gatherings are huge in the South, so would anyone give up being with family for a year if it meant not having a car or truck note? We don't think so. Drive through the countryside on any given Sunday and you will see that families still do come together, and we wouldn't sacrifice the memories to erase debt.


Louisiana is known as the  "Sportsman's Paradise" so would anyone give up hunting if it meant them being debt-free? Again, like with sports so many here await hunting season and I just don't see an avid deer hunter putting the rifle away if it meant he or she would be debt-free.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

Lastly, could some people in Louisiana do away with celebrating Madi Gras? Sure, some here don't like it, but carnival season is so big here that I don't think most would sacrifice it to be debt-free. I know of people who plan ALL year for Mardi Gras and I can tell you that they would not give it up to eliminate a few bills. That's not happening in Louisiana.


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