Some people say costumes are the best part about Halloween but I say it's the candy!

Whether as a kid or as an adult, getting to enjoy a little extra boost of delicious chocolatey sugar around this time of the year is quite enjoyable. Yes, I prefer chocolate candies more than the non-chocolate ones and so does a majority of the country.

According to, 28 states prefer chocolate candies over gummies and non-chocolates. Clearly, the majority of the country has good taste.

What is Louisiana's Favorite Halloween Candy?

But what about the Bayou State? Are we in that majority?

The answer is: No, we are not.

For some reason, our state's favorite Halloween candy is Starburst!

Photo courtesy of taylor-rooney-dFC80hmTOoE-unsplash
Photo courtesy of taylor-rooney-dFC80hmTOoE-unsplash

Sure, I like Starburst. The shots of fruit flavor are great! But it's not the best Halloween candy.

As a matter of fact, I can think of at least 9 candies that are better than Starburst, including one fruity favorite that is enjoyed by many of our neighbors in the South - Skittles.

My chocolate-heavy list is below. But first, here are each state's favorite Halloween candies as found by

Facebook via Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Facebook via Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

How Did Zippia Figure This Out?

By now, you are probably asking the question, "How did Zippia figure out each state's favorite Halloween candy?"

Well, they used Google Trends to determine which states were the most avid fans of each candy, examining 50 different popular candies.


My Favorite Halloween Candies of All-Time

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