Social Media is furious after this video surfaced that shows a family taking all of the Halloween candy left for kids.

You see the family approaches the bowl of candy left out and they take all of it.

Now, some are asking why a homeowner would leave candy out like this, but it is not as uncommon as you think. Many in larger cities leave the candy out for kids on Halloween night so that they don't have to open their doors to complete strangers.

Some even leave candy out if they're out with their own kids Trick-or-Treating.

Costumes And Sweet Treats Abound As Houston Celebrates Halloween
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But why do this? And why would any parent do this in front of their children?

Sadly, these people in the video didn't steal from the homeowners who left the candy, they actually stole from kids who were out on Halloween night.

I should note here that I had a similar issue like this years ago, and it was really disappointing.

Here's the viral video of a family snatching all of the candy from the front of the home on Halloween night.


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