(BILD) A German man finds a check made out to gummy-bear-candy maker Haribo for $4.8 million dollars and returns the check. His reward from Haribo was one cardboard box, but it wasn't cash.

The German man known only as Anouar G. found a piece of paper on the ground at a Frankfurt rail station last week after a return visit from seeing his mother. He thought it was litter at first, but upon closer inspection discovered the piece of paper was actually a check made out to candy maker Haribo. The check was for a whopping $4.8 million dollars. There were so many numbers, Anouar g. said he couldn't pronounce the amount.

There was such a large sum on it that I couldn't even pronounce it. -Anouar G. to Bild

The check was from the German supermarket chain Rewe. The check had been accidentally dropped at the train station.

After contacting Haribo, Anouar received instructions to destroy the check and send a photograph as proof. He did what Haribo's attorneys said to do.

For his efforts, Haribo sent Anouar a cardboard box containing six bags of candy. That's it!

I thought that was a bit cheap -Anouar G. to Bild

A company representative said the check was made out to Haribo therefore no one else could have cashed it.

It was our standard package that we send as a thank you. -Haribo Representative to Bild


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