A motorist traveling along I-10 in Louisiana ended up getting stranded Monday night along with others on a Lake Charles bridge according to KPLC TV.

The woman from Tennessee decided not to just sit around waiting, she took all the supplies she had in her car and handed the items out to dozens of motorists stranded on the I-10 Calcasieu River Bridge.

The good samaritan's name is Jessica Jernigan. She was on her way to her next adventure and she had things like blankets, water, and oranges in her car. She started gathering those items and offering them to her fellow stranded motorists.

I think we should name this woman an honorary Cajun because this is exactly what everyone here does, they help people in need. They give whatever they have to help other people in a time of crisis.

Jessica Jernigan on Bridge
Photo courtesy of KPLC

How Did the Good Samaritan Ended up on the I-10 Calcasieu Bridge?

Jernigan was using I-10 to head to Austin, Texas to go camping. Her vehicle was full of tons of food and other supplies.

Jernigan says she was sitting in her vehicle with a heated blanket when she decided to start offering whatever was in her SUV to others on the bridge.

The woman had supplies for her camping trip, and she is also an assistant cave rescue teacher, so being prepared is what she is used to doing.

Jessica Jernigan
Photo courtesy of KPLC

She told KPLC,

It bothered me that I was sitting in this warm vehicle with all of this stuff. So, I started going car to car, and sure enough I started to find people who were without supplies.

Jernigan didn't even have any idea that she had become a viral sensation with her acts of kindness because she doesn't have social media. She was actually made aware that she had gone viral by someone whom she loaned a blanket to.

She adds,

I mean, people just had such lovely things to say. Which was no surprise really, because everyone I spoke to on the bridge were just really incredibly warm and really sweet. It just looks like you guys have such a great community.

And that we do. Jernigan wasn't the only good samaritan on the bridge Monday night. KPLC reports another man who had a supply of gas was putting gas into the vehicles of others stuck on the bridge.

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