Here's something to consider prior to the hard freeze in Louisiana.

For the first time, I had to consider what to do with the water collected in our rain barrels.

We never had rain barrels prior to last year, but now that we have them at home I had to look up what to do with the barrels during a hard freeze.

If you have a rain barrel(s) in your hard, you will want to drain the water that has been collected in them.


If the water freezes in the barrel in the days ahead, the ice may expand in the barrel and even crack or damage the barrel.

So, if you have a barrel with water in it, you most certainly will want to drain it prior to temperatures dropping below freezing.

Temperatures in south Louisiana are expected to be below freezing for several hours later this week, thus you will want to take precautionary measures to protect your house and belongings as this "Artic Blast" approaches.

Here's a looked at the extended forecast for Acadiana.



What to Check After the Freeze

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