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Carencro Gas Station Clerk Gives Customer Her Last $20
Tim Ackal recently found himself in a pickle after a fishing trip.  Ackal, nearly out of gas, pulled into a Carencro Texaco station.  That's when he realized he had lost his wallet and had no money or credit cards.  What the clerk behind the counter did next, is what makes Acadia…
Asian Commercial About Doing Good
There is a commercial floating around the internet, titled "Unsung Hero", featuring an Asian man doing good deeds for people. It really caught my attention.
Heartwarming Video Shows Doing Good is Good for You
If you've ever wondered if that one good deed actually did any good, watch this video. Doing good is good for those you help and for you, too! This video is actually a commercial for life insurance, but the message is about living a good life, period...

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