So now we have a good excuse to have one of our favorite treats.

Science continues to evolve each and every day and we are learning so much more when it comes to combating certain medical conditions.

The latest theory is that "Sour Patch Kids" may help combat cramps and even panic attacks.

With cramps, this candy, because they are sour, may trigger a specific set of receptors in your body that stop cramps. While this is a theory out there, I am willing to try this the next time I am cramping from working outdoors while playing sports.

Another alternative to cramps is bananas and even pickle juice. Many athletes use these, rather than the Sour Patch Kids, when having to address cramping during competition.


As for panic attacks, the theory is that "Sour Patch Kids" can give you a sensory experience when the attack is affecting you, thus you can spiral out of it with the aid of this "good experience."

Let me note here that because this candy, like many others, is loaded with sugar it can also give you a quick boost when you need it. Keep in mind, that overconsuming this candy and any other candy that is loaded with sugar can have negative impacts too, like "Crashing" once the rush is over.

Now, if you are one who has to watch your sugar intake or sugar levels, you should approach these theories with caution. Consuming too much sugar at once can be very dangerous for some.

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