Hello, CJ here. I just received a text from my best friend who is laid up after having back surgery. He said he was looking forward to the "Po Ho" tomorrow while he's recovering. So it got me to thinking...who else looks forward to the Polyester Power Hour (PPH) on Friday mornings? And what if it went away?

The Polyester Power Hour started off as an hour-long show over 22 years ago that featured, as it does to this day, old school funk and disco. The hour-long show was so wildly popular, the Polyester Power Hour expanded to encompass the entire KTDY morning show on Friday mornings. The show kicks off after the 6:30 AM newscast and lasts until 10 AM or later.

Other stations in the Lafayette market have tried to steal listeners from KTDY on Friday mornings by creating their own unique niche programming, but the PPH is still king. And for that I say, "Thank you Acadiana".

The 'Polyester Power Hour' was an idea I had that almost never happened. The experts thought I was crazy and one radio consultant even tried to kill it AFTER it was a hit. I recently received a really nice note from that individual. He said to me quote,

Trying to get rid of the Polyester Power Hour was one of the worst decisions of my career.

So who wakes up on Friday mornings in Acadiana and can't wait to get the Polyester Power Hour on the radio, phone or smart speaker? Are there more people like my friend Rob out there who can't wait to start their day with the 'Po Ho'? And what if it went away?

Even though the Polyester Power Hour was my idea, KTDY FM and Townsquare Media own it. And it will continue long after I'm gone I hope. But hypothetically speaking, what if KTDY just starting playing regular music on Friday mornings? Would it mess up people's routines? Is the PPH such a staple in the community that people would still think it's on the radio years after it goes away? Or would anybody even care?

We live in such a here today, gone tomorrow type world. It makes me really wonder if anyone would miss the little Lafayette radio show that's known to have listeners in over 35 countries on Friday morning.

KTDY is currently working on securing the rights to the music that airs on the PPH so that the Polyester Power Hour can be delivered in a podcast format every week. This way, the show can be streamed at any time, anywhere.

Tomorrow morning KTDY will air another installment of the Polyester Power Hour, the kick-off of Memorial Day weekend edition. Jenn and I would be honored to have you listen.

Thank you for listening for so long. I am so very thankful.




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