This Friday on the 99.9 KTDY Polyester Power Hour show, CJ and Jenn in the Morning to welcome former KTDY morning show co-host, Debbie Ray. Debbie Ray will stop by to say hello to the popular show's radio audience.

Debbie Ray co-hosted the morning show on 99.9 KTDY for over 20 years with CJ, who has settled in with new co-host Jenn Nelson. Deb and husband Dave are now retired and live in Homer, Alaska.

The former KTDY morning show co-host is currently in Lousiana and is scheduled to stop by the KTDY studio sometime during the Polyester Power Hour Friday morning April 9, 2021. Debbie Ray will take the air with CJ and Jenn in the Morning sometime between 6 am and 10 am. An exact time cannot be confirmed at this time.

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I haven't seen Debbie Ray since she said goodbye on December 7, 2018. However, I keep up with her life in Alaska, as do many in the Acadiana area, through social media. We still text, but we haven't laid eyes on each other in a few years. She and Dave didn't waste any time getting to Alaska, they left almost immediately after Deb said goodbye to the KTDY audience that Friday morning after the Polyester Power Hour show in December of 2018. It will  be very nice to see them both and have Deb live on the air with Jenn and me. I can't wait. I know the KTDY Friday morning Po Hos will be excited to hear her voice again.-CJ/KTDY Brand Manager and Morning Show Co-Host

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It will be so awesome having Deb on the show.-Jenn Nelson

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