My girl, my girl, my girl. Friday, May 14, 2021, Jenn Nelson from CJ and Jenn in the Morning, says goodbye to 99.9 KTDY listeners on the station's long-time running show Polyester Power Hour.

Thank YOU to all that tuned in to listen weekday mornings. You are the reason it was so hard to say goodbye because our connection across the air waves is what I loved the most.-Jenn Nelson

Jenn Nelson and I were friends long before she came to work for Townsquare Media. After a short stint in radio, Jenn had gone into pharmaceutical sales and was very happy. Which is one of the reasons I had to beg so hard to get her back into radio. Her heart is in radio, but her job in pharmaceutical sales was nice and provided her the lifestyle she desired. So she was perfectly happy. But I knew down deep she missed radio, so I continued to beg. Emily J had left the KTDY morning show to be with her husband and newborn and Jenn was the perfect replacement. Finally, she said yes!

In no time, CJ and Jenn in the Morning bounced back into the number one spot after taking a little dip in the ratings when Debbie Ray, my co-host of almost 21 years, retired.

Jenn Nelson is one of the strongest, most intelligent, calls it as she sees it, hardest working, most inspiring women to ever walk the planet. And the connection we had on (and off) the air is almost spiritual. She and I have this weird, solid, unexplainable connection. We can almost finish each other's sentences.

Jenn is the definition of professional. Dedicated, passionate, not leaving until everything is done and not leaving before she asks everyone around her if they need any help. She's one of the hardest working people I've ever known.

As a mother, I think most of you know her story, she is the BEST! She's a beautiful woman inside and out.

Jenn has taken a job with Precision Diagnostics, one of the advertisers of CJ and Jenn in the Morning. Less stress, more time at home with her family, no weekends, etc., I can be nothing but happy for her. Jenn will be awesome at whatever she sets her mind to.

Jenn Nelson, I will miss walking into the KTDY control room and seeing your beautiful smiling face every weekday morning (she ALWAYS arrived before I did.) My life is more complete because of our time together. You have always been an inspiration to me and to many in the Acadiana community. You are loved dearly.

JayCee, from the KTDY afternoon show, has graciously taken Jenn's seat on the KTDY morning show. JayCee is the hardest working man in our building. He's a good friend, honest, trustworthy and even though he plays a tough guy, he has a heart of gold. I'm honored to sit across from him.

Ian Auzenne, one of the most talented young broadcasters in the country, will take JayCee's show for the time being, until we get everything worked out. You will love listening to Ian. I listen to Ian's show to find things to steal for the morning show, he's that good.

Jenn Nelson is like butter, she makes everything better. She walks into a room and the people in it are better off because she did. She is an inspiration to so many. I will miss her beyond words. But we will still see each other for dinner and drinks on occasion and I will look forward to those moments. Jenn, you own a part of my heart. Thank you for the time you spent on the KTDY morning show. And thank you for being in my life, I love you big huge big.-CJ

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