Bernadette Lee is the authoritative voice of KPEL Newstalk 96.5 in Lafayette. She's also the light and airy traffic reporter for CJ and Ellen in the Morning on 99.9 KTDY.

Bernadette Lee
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Lee can be a lot of fun at gatherings as witnessed by those who attended the 25th Anniversary Polyester Power Hour Party Friday, Oct. 28 at Nitetown in downtown Lafayette.

The party celebrated the 25th anniversary of a show that KTDY airs on Friday mornings called the Polyester Power Hour. The show features music from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Bernie is one of the funniest people in broadcasting and she doesn't mind showing it behind the scenes and occasionally in public. -CJ, KTDY Morning Show Host

Throughout the evening the KTDY air staff would take the stage periodically to welcome everyone, have a contest or simply throw things out into the crowd.

During one of those times, there were a bunch of hula hoops thrown out to the hundreds of people on the dance floor gathered to dance or catch prizes. It was then that Bernadette Lee sent the crowd into a frenzy.

I had brought to the stage a bunch of hula hoops to throw out into the crowd. Bernie was teasing the crowd with 'um before she threw them. Right before we threw out the last batch for that visit on stage, I picked one up turned to Bernie and said, 'Bern, hula hoop for everybody'. She was reluctant. So I asked the crowd if they'd like to see her hula hoop. Well, of course, they went crazy and so did Bernie. -CJ, KTDY Morning Show Host

Bernadette Lee Sends Crowd Into a Frenzy With a Hula Hoop

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