Picture it, Ellen from CJ and Ellen in the Morning and Bernadette "Bernie" Lee (KPEL News and Traffic Reporter for KTDY) are talking about a problem Bernie is having with her foot when CJ shows up dressed as a doctor.

A few days ago, Ellen and Bernie were in the KTDY control room...Bernie was talking to Ellen about a problem she had been having with her foot. Bernie was having a pain in her foot and it wouldn't go away.

Ellen suggested that she go to Our Lady of Lourdes to have it checked out (Lourdes sponsors a feature Ellen does on KTDY at about 7:20 every weekday morning called Ellen's Good News Goodie). Ellen was explaining how they sponsor the feature and that if Bernie was having a problem, especially a problem that wouldn't go away, she should have it checked out and in her opinion, Our Lady of Lourdes might be a great place to start.

Colleague JoBo (Production Director for Townsquare Media Lafayette) happened to be in the KTDY studio during their conversation. CJ whispers to JoBo, "Grab my phone and start videoing. I have an idea".

CJ leaves for a second and walks back into the KTDY studio dressed as a doctor in an attempt to get a chuckle out of the two women.

In total professional style, Ellen and Bernadette Lee never missed a beat.

CJ enters the room, walks in between the two women and says, "Speaking of good news, I'm Dr. Clements and I will see you now".

Ellen and Bernie never paused, they never laughed, they weren't surprised, NOTHING! It was like they weren't even phased. As a matter of fact, it was the perfect setup for the ladies to get a jab in at CJ.

Dr. Clements Will See You Now

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