A viral video out of Baton Rouge shows a car on the highway traveling off-kilter.

I know, lots of things in Baton Rouge are "off-kilter", but this one is kind of funny.

The video shows a car that was apparently damaged, but it was still rolling - at an angle.

It's like someone took a giant vise to hole the drivetrain steady while another giant vise gripped the body of the vehicle and slightly twisted it.

via Reddit
via Reddit

I don't know much about automobile repair, but I know this much: seeing a car driving down the highway like that makes me giggle. I expect that, when it stops at a red light, all of the doors are going to open up and 11 clowns will exit, run around the vehicle, and get back in. You know, something you'd see frequently in Baton Rouge.

Anyway, here's the full video as it was posted to Reddit:

I love the title they added to the video: "Y'all Alright Down There in Baton Rouge?" Funny stuff!

I did notice in a few of the photos that the right rear tire appeared to be beginning to shred.

via Reddit
via Reddit

That's one of the issues with a vehicle that has a bent frame: your alignment won't stay true, and your tires will wear, and they will wear quickly.

If this car has been traveling in this condition for any extended amount of time, those tires are just ticking time bombs. And if they are driving it at interstate speeds, that's just plain irresponsible.

I hope that he or she gets that car repaired or replaced soon, as it should not be on the road in this condition. Serious injury or death can occur if one of those tires blows.

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