Mercedes-Benz USA has issued a "do not drive" recall for over 290,000 vehicles in the U.S. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) claims the automaker's recall is voluntary. Because of a braking issue, Mercedes-Benz is asking owners of older ML, GL and R-Class vehicles to stop driving them immediately.

Mercedes-Benz announced Thursday that it was ordering a voluntary recall on the maker's ML, GL and R-Class vehicles built between 2006 through 2012. The German car giant says the recall involves a serious braking problem.

On recalled models, the brake boosters could become corroded rendering the brakes useless in the ability to stop these vehicles. Needless to say, such an event could cause a serious crash.

A particularly strong or hard braking maneuver could cause mechanical damage in the brake booster, whereby the connection between the brake pedal and brake system would would not be possible to slow or stop the vehicle via the service brake. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Mercedes-Benz USA reports no crashes, injuries or deaths due to brake failure. The company will tow recalled vehicles into dealerships at no cost to owners. Mercedes-Benz will also provide loaner cars (only if available).

According to NHTSA vehicles will be inspected and if no corrosion is found, owners will be notified that their car is safe to drive and no repairs will be necessary. If corrosion is found in the brake booster, repairs will be made complimentary.

Owners of potentially dangerous vehicles will be contacted by Mercedes-Benz via letter starting May 27, 2022.

Mercedes-Benz has set up a toll-free number to answer any questions concerning the recall. Please call (888) 548-8514.

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