Have you ever noticed your dog watching TV or taking interest in something playing on your computer screen?

Surprisingly, dogs actually do pre-fur certain images and videos. According to rawstory.com, research shows that domestic dogs will watch TV especially if there are other canines on the screen and they favored sounds like "dogs barking and whining, people giving dog-friendly commands and praise, and the noise of toys squeaking".

Another factor into how dogs watch TV is the fact that they have dichromatic vision. No, this doesn't mean they see in black and white, like most of us think. Dogs actually see in blue and yellow spectrum's of light, which is why DogTV focuses on these colors in their programming. And, yes, there is a channel dedicated to your pups viewing pleasure.

And just because your dog is walking around while the TV is on, don't think that he isn't interested. Dogs are "fidgety, interactive viewers" and tend to walk around instead of sitting still.

So, do dogs actually like watching TV? Ehhh, science still hasn't cracked that question yet, but research does suggest that entertainment improves the welfare of dogs left home alone and in kennels.

Next time you cuddle up on the couch with your pup you might want to think about viewing a dog-friendly movie. According to PetMD, these are the 5 best movies to watch with her fur-ever friend:

  1. Homeward Bound
  2. The Lady & The Tramp
  3. 101 Dalmations
  4. Best In Show
  5. Scooby Doo

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