(Lafayette, Louisiana) - Let's take a trip down Memory Lane and explore a few vintage television commercials that were on Lafayette television stations.

One part of your childhood that you probably still remember is the commercials that aired on local TV stations during the programming you watched each day.

Whether you were watching cartoons, game shows, soap operas, or professional wrestling, these commercials ran at some point.

See if you recognize any of these classic spots from local television stations, and see if you recognize anyone in these ads.

Let's start with Brother's on The Blvd. in Lafayette. Check out the style back then.

Another commercial that you may recall is the ad for The New Generation Superstore. Not only do we miss some of this technology, but we also miss the prices.

Next, who doesn't remember the television ads for Courvellle Toyota? I also waited for the end and the tagline. "Happytown USA!"

The next commercial you may recall from your childhood years is from the local Shop Rite Stores. Check out the Saints merchandise in this ad, and the prices of food products.

Speaking of food, do you remember the Picadilly commercials? In this one ad, a former LSU coach is seen endorsing the food and selection.

This ad from Jim Tatnum Mobile Homes is one that I'll never forget. I feel like this television commercial ran in every break while the soap operas were on at home. And yes, this catchphrase still lives.

Then who doesn't remember the old TV ads for the Acadiana Mall? This spot had every kid or teen wanting their parents to bring them there to shop. This is so good.

If you grew up in the 80s and early 90s, you likely visited Mr. Gatti's. Their introduction to this new pizza and a shot of the buffet will make you want to re-live these days.

Finally, here's a great collection of vintage commercials that will bring you back to your earlier days. How many of these do you recall?


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