Mardi Gras was in full-swing in Basile, Louisiana and one Lake Charles TV station found out how much fun it can be in Evangeline Parish on "Fat Tuesday".

KPLC has been sharing videos from their visit to the small village in Evangeline Parish and each video gets better and better.

As you may be aware, the traditional Mardi Gras run often does not include floats and beads, but rather they are substituted with wagons and chickens.

Oh, include young adults jumping or diving into ditches and ponds and that is how they celebrate Mardi Gras in the country.

So, KPLC sent a crew down to Basile to cover the run, and here are a few videos and photos the television shared on its social media page, and they are hilarious.

Let's start with a few in costume taking over the KPLC unit the crew arrived in. While there was no harm or evil intent here, you can see that some Mardi Gras participants were ready to be part of the station.

Next, a chicken, that was caught along the run was placed on the station's vehicle and the description of what was going on at the time is hilarious.

And finally, what would it be a report from Basile for Mardi Gras be without someone getting wet? Watch as a few on the run jump into a local crawfish pond.

Often those who are covering these Mardi Gras runs for stations are not from here or if they are, it's their first time attending such.

Remember this report from years ago in Mamou, Louisiana?


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