When I opened Twitter this morning I noticed, in the "Trending" block, that Waffle House was at the top, by a good margin; it was trending for a strange reason.

A seemingly well-adjusted couple visits a Waffle House frequently, and the man gets into a fight with the cook every time. The source of the dispute? Eggs. The man likes his eggs a little runny and, it seems, the cook intentionally cooks his eggs wrong. That's just part of the story.

What makes this story is the backstory: the girlfriend lays out their history, their current situation, and also explains why they go to Waffle House frequently. In a nutshell, here it is:

She (the girlfriend) describes them both as well-educated, established, and pretty much "normal". They make a decent combined income and can afford to eat at other, more upscale restaurants, but he (the boyfriend) chooses Waffle House. The same Waffle House. Every time.

The girlfriend goes on to explain that, when he was growing up, he liked to have breakfast food for supper, but his dad hated it. So when his dad was busy or not around for whatever reason, his mom would take that opportunity to make breakfast for supper, and he cherishes that memory. That's why, he says, he likes to go to Waffle House.

The reason she was reaching out with the story is this: they plan to marry, and she is concerned that her otherwise stable, caring, loving, nurturing boyfriend has a deeply-hidden violent side that may come rear its head later in the relationship.

Some of the responses are hysterical ("Hun, your man is sleeping with that cook"), some are flippant ("Boys will be boys"), and some are spot-on great advice ("therapy now is better than divorce later").

Take a trip into the rabbit hole on this one.


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