A UL Ragin Cajuns football player in Lafayette, Louisiana went out of his way for a kid, and now they are forever friends.

It's a story bigger than sports, and you have to love seeing this.

Brianna Latiolais shared the story of Tuck and UL player Joe Dillon and now so many on social media are loving every bit of this story.

According to Brianna's post on Facebook, when Tuck was just six years old he met Joe Dillon at the annual UL fan day and that is when the relationship started.

Dillon showed the young fan attention at the event and the seed was planted. Not only did Tuck become Dillon's biggest fan, but he also made sure to attend the games at Cajun Field to watch his favorite Ragin Cajun.

Ragin' Cajuns football helmet
Photo by Cody Junot

Brianna goes on to explain that after games Dillon would find Tuck for a post-game high-five and this only fueled their relationship.

Fast forward a few years and now Joe Dillon is on the sideline watching Tuck's football games. And yes, Tuck is now wearing the number of his favorite Ragin Cajun football player.

So Yes, this relationship has gone full circle and this all started when a star football player for the Cajuns paid attention to a little boy and a young fan of his.

What a lesson for all of us and we love every bit of this amazing story. Job well done, Joe Dillon, you deserve a high-five from all of us now.

We love this story so much, and more so these amazing photos shared by Brianna on social media.

Check them out.


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