One kid did not hold back while getting a selfie with Florida Gators Head Football Coach Billy Napier.

Napier, who was once the head coach for the UL Ragin Cajuns, is now in Gainesville, FL and is head man for the Flordia Gators football program.

Well, while out on a recruiting mission, Napier came across a kid who wanted a selfie and the coach graciously agreed. However, that is when things took a turn.

While the kid was filming himself and Coach Billy Napier, he quickly reminded him that the LSU Tigers put over 50 points on his team.

Florida v LSU
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Being the good sport that Coach Napier is, he laughed and walked away. If you forgot, LSU did defeat Florida this year 52 - 35 in Death Valley.

In a world where some folks are so easily triggered, I applaud Coach Napier for laughing it off and continuing on his way. In recent years we've seen coaches get upset with fans and verbal altercations ensue. However, that did not happen here.

Here's the viral video of a kid trolling Coach Napier in a hallway.


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