A famous TikTok Influencer recently visited a Baton Rouge restaurant and he left way more than just some good reviews.

Keith Lee stopped at Fork 'N Spoon in the Capital City and upon his departure, he left a massive tip for those in the restaurant. The social media influencer sampled three dishes and ranked them very well.

Not only did he approve of the food from the eatery, located near the LSU campus, but he also gave the restaurant a 10/10 in customer service, which perhaps led him to tip so well.

A video posted on social media shows that Keith Lee left a $3,000 tip for those who work at Fork 'N Spoon near LSU.

As you'll see in the video, the ladies there were not ready for that bit of news and they were shocked to hear what he left for them as he moved on to his next stop in Baton Rouge.

Check out Lee's review of a few dishes from the restaurant and the moment he left a very gracious tip.

Fork 'N Spoon is on Brightside Drive in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


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