Some big changes are coming to the football field at Acadiana High School.

The Acadiana High School Football team posted these images on social media and as you can see here, some major work is being done to the playing surface at Bill Dotson Stadium.

Large tractors are currently removing all of the sod on the playing field and it's what's to come that has some happy, while some are sad to see the grass go.

According to the social media post by the football program, a new turf will be put down at Acadiana High and it appears that it will be artificial turf.

Several schools in Lafayette Parish already have artificial turf down on their playing fields and the justification for removing real grass from the stadiums centers around the maintenance of the playing fields.

AHS Football
AHS Football

With artificial turf, there is now cutting the grass, watering the grass, or painting the field on game day. The artificial turf is painted and weathers the conditions year-round.

Still, some hate to see the original turf go, and like in the NFL, some are concerned about injuries sustained on these playing surfaces, that are not with real grass.

We'll continue to follow the progress from the stadium at Acadiana High, and once it is complete, we'll share photos of the new playing surface that the Rams will have when they take the field in 2024.


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