Alabama fans are not feeling well after Coach Nick Saban told his team that he would be retiring from coaching.

The National Championship Winning coach is reportedly ready to move into the next chapter of his life and as happy as you are for Nick and his family, some fans just can't contain their emotions.

Allow me to introduce some of you to one Alabama Super-Fan, Willie. He is Crimson Tide for life and he has become an internet favorite for sports fans. Heck, Willie has even been featured on various shows including Barstool Sports when they were live from Bama one week.


Well, like the rest of the country, Willie was shocked to hear that Saban was walking away from coaching and he didn't take the news well, while out in the wild.

Willie and his friend are known for shooting random videos while out in the wild and often Willie is in his element and that often includes being without shoes, like in the videos below.

While some fans are rejoicing that Saban will be out at Alabama, others are taking it hard like this Bama fan, and we just hope that Willie gets over it and accepts whoever it is that replaces perhaps the best football coach of all time.

Here's Willie getting emotional as they talk about Saban leaving the Crimson Tide.

In a second video, Willie says that he just wants to hug Coach Saban, then suggests that the University of Alabama should hire HIM to coach the team.

While I doubt that Willie gets the coaching job at Alabama, here's a look at Saban leaving the football facilities one last time at Bama.


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