This is not a good look for one NFL owner.

Those who own NFL teams are super-rich and when things don't go the way they hope for they aren't afraid to let others know they aren't happy.

Well, the owner of the Carolina Panthers has had a very long season, and things may have reached the boiling point at a recent game.

While his team was getting beat down by the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Panthers owner David Tepper appeared to throw his drink on a fan below.

Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks
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Tepper is known by some in the league for being a "hot head" and at times for being too involved. Well, that perception may have been confirmed after this video surfaced on social media.

You can see the Panthers owner lean forward and there does appear to be a drink thrown into the stands below the owner's box.

One fan even emerges and approaches the owner's suite as Tepper walks away.

Here's the video of the incident from the NFL stadium. By the way, the Carolina Panthers currently have the worst record in the NFL.

Here's what a few fans are saying about the owner of the Carolina Panthers after the above video surfaced.

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