The National Football League has suspended a cameraman after a recent touchdown celebration.

Yes, the NFL (No Fun League) suspended Kevin Fitzgibbons for the rest of the regular 2023 season after he gave a "prop" to Tyreek Hill following a touchdown.

Hill, who plays for the Miami Dolphins, scored a touchdown against the Carolina Panthers and that is when Fitzgibbons gave Hill his phone to use in his celebrations.

Tyreek Hill, who had the phone in his possession, did a backflip and recorded the whole thing. As you would imagine, Hill's celebration went viral and that's when the NFL stepped in to address the "prop" given to him.

In a social media post, the cameraman who was on the sideline said, "The NFL then let me know that I was suspended for the remainder of the season and possibly for good,"

Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins
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Look, I know there are rules and regulations, but did this really hurt anyone? This is equivalent to the "No Fun League" fining Dallas Cowboys players for jumping into a kettle to support the Salvation Army.

Hey NFL, just let your players have fun and then if it goes overboard or to the extreme, address it accordingly.

As for Tyreek Hill, he did not get fined for the celebration and will not comment on it out of fear that he could get fined by the league.

According to CBS Sports, the cameraman and Hill do know each other.

Here's the celebration that the NFL did not approve of, because of the prop handed to the player.


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