Today is Tuesday, November 13. There are 41 days until Christmas.

On this date in 1914, Mary Jacobs of New York patented the brassiere.

In 1940, the Walt Disney animated feature "Fantasia" premiered in New York.

In 1974, nuclear power plant employee and political activist Karen Silkwood died at the age of 28.  She was killed while on her way to meet with a "New York Times" reporter.  They planned to discuss evidence she had uncovered about faulty fuel rods at the plant.  The story was the basis for the 1983 film "Silkwood."

In 1982, the Vietnam War Memorial was officially dedicated in Washington, D.C.

In 1998, President Clinton agreed to pay Paula Jones $850,000 to drop her sexual harassment lawsuit and end the four-year legal battle that triggered the impeachment proceedings against him.

In 2015, at least 150 people were killed following a series of terror attacks in Paris.


Today is Indian Pudding Day, and World Kindness Day.

Actor Chris Noth, from Sex& the City,” and “The Good Wife,” is 64.

Whoopi Goldberg, from “The View,” “Sister Act”, and who won an Oscar for “Ghost” is 63.

Jimmy Kimmel is 51.

Steve Zahn, from “Treme,” Daddy Day Care,” and “You’ve Got Mail” is 51.

Gerard Butler, from “Laura Croft Tomb Raider,” is 49.

Actress Monique Coleman is 38. She's best known for playing Taylor in the "High School Musical" movies.

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