Good morning Acadiana. Happy Memorial Day weekend! Today on 99.9 KTDY we are doing a podcast test recording of the Polyester Power Hour (PPH). Never before has this been done for the PPH. If the recordings work and we can secure music licensing you'll be able to listen to the PPH anywhere, anytime. For now, we are live on 99.9 KTDY and on the KTDY mobile app.

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Buy A Musical Instrument Day

Maritime Day

Solitaire Day

Vanilla Pudding Day

Craft Distillery Day

Paloma Day

Don't Fry Day

Cooler Day

Road Trip Day

62 years ago- In 1958, Jerry Lee Lewis arrived in England to begin a tour of the U.K. He announced to the press that he had married his 13-year-old cousin. That tour was canceled immediately and the man who's career was destined to be bigger than that of Elvis Presley's, ended.

40 years ago- In 1980, the original "Pac-Man" arcade video game was released in Japan. Five months later, it arrived in the U.S.

28 years ago- In 1992, Johnny Carson retired from the 'Tonight Show' after 30 years. Carson was the absolute best late-night show host to ever grace the planet. Doc Severinsen and Ed McMahon left with him.

Three years ago- In 2017, Ariana Grande's concert at the Manchester Arena was bombed by an Islamic extremist killing 22 people and injuring 116.


Alexandra Dowling is 30. Actor.

Novak Djokovic is 33. Tennis great.

Apolo Ohno is 38. Speedskater.

Naomi Campbell is 50. Supermodel.

Johnny Gill is 54. New Edition, he's also had a successful solo career.

Morrissey is 61. Formally of 'The Smiths'.

Bernie Taupin is 70. Elton John's songwriting buddy.

Ted Kaczynski is 78. The Unabomber. He's still in prison. Between 1978 and 1995 he mailed out 16 bombs, killing three people and injuring 23.  He's currently serving life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle  (1859 - 1930) Author.


30 days until Father's Day.

43 days until Independence Day.


Today: 30% chance for rain, 88.

Tonight: Partly cloudy, 72.

Saturday: 40% chance for rain, 88.

Sunday: 50% chance for rain, 87.

Memorial Day: 60% chance for rain, 87.

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