Today is National "Get Out of the Doghouse Day". In modern days, we used the term when a spouse needs to be forgiven for something they did wrong. But when was it first used and why?

There are two popular beliefs as to how the phrase originated. One is correct, the other believable, but not true.

Let's start with the origin that is popular and makes for a good storyline but nowhere near the truth. It's the one that relates to Peter Pan the book (1911). In chapter 16, Mr. Darling was very upset because he thought he was responsible for the kidnapping of his children so he punished himself by living in the family doghouse.

The problem with that origin's just not true.

The real origin of "Get Out of the Doghouse" involves transportation on boats and trains. When there wasn't enough space for workers on boats and trains to sleep, they would create kennel style accomodations called doghouses.

And there you have it. Have a great "Get Out of the Doghouse Day"!



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