If you are a fan of trivia and Jeopardy! isn't enough to quench your thirst, then attending one of the "Trivia Nights" in Lafayette just do it.

Q: Who is buried in Grant's tomb?

A: No one. Although Grant, his wife, and his dog are entombed there.

Okay, maybe that one won't pop up at any of the Trivia Nights around Lafayette, but some fun is sure to be had if you decide to go.

According to a post in the Acadiana subReddit, there are a few places around Lafayette that hold regular (or at least semi-regular) Trivia Nights, you just have to find the one that works best for you.

Reddit user stone_1396 was the one who posted this question:

Does anyone know when/where there is trivia nights in acadiana? I used to go to a few before the pandemic including music trivia at Bayou Teche Brewery, but I heard they stopped doing that. Just looking for trivia that survived the pandemic or started after. Thanks! - stone_1396

A few people chimed in with their responses, shedding light on the establishments in Lafayette that hold Trivia Nights.


Reddit user deevyus responded with three locations for a weekly Trivia Night:


On Wednesdays, World of Beer holds a Trivia Night. World of Beer (WOB) is located in the same shopping center as Costco, at the corner of Ambassador Caffery and Kaliste Saloom at 111 Old Camp Road.

Hosted by Jobu, the winners of Trivia Night at WOB receive a $50 gift card from the establishment.

Neither the restaurant's website nor its Facebook page list how often they host a Trivia Night.


Hideaway on Lee is another restaurant that was mentioned as hosting a Trivia Night.

Hideaway on Lee is across from the Children's Museum in Downtown Lafayette.

According to its Facebook page, Hideaway on Lee hosts Trivia Night on Wednesday, with Jay Steiner.

Trivia Night with Jay Steiner! It's free to play and the winners receive acclaim and a bar tab of $25. There are 4 rounds each consisting of 10 questions. Max 6 people per team.



Google Street View
Google Street View

Reddit user deevyus also listed Parish Brewing Company as having a Trivia Night on Thursdays, but I could find no mention of that on the company's Facebook page.


Reddit user MrakAttack08 mentions a Tuesday night Trivia Night at The Tap Room on Camellia Boulevard in River Ranch.

Google Street View
Google Street View

The most recent listing for a Trivia Night at The Tap Room was earlier this week, and it was a themed night: Conspiracy Theories. Fun!


Market Eatz on E Broussard Road near its intersection with Kaliste Saloom is hosting a themed Trivia Night this week: Greek Mythology.

It appears that Market Eatz holds its Trivia Night in conjunction with Bingo.


On Tuesdays, The Bulldog near campus hosts a Trivia Night, beginning at 7pm. This sounds like a fun event, as they give free shots to the contestants in each round and the winning team receives a $75 bar tab.

The Bulldog
The Bulldog

The Bulldog is located just off of Johnston Street on General Mouton.

Do you know of a "regular" Trivia Night that we can add to this list?

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