How much would you pay to see a college football game? I think that answers vary not only from person to person but from game to game. For example, I found a pair of premium seats for tonight's U.L. Ragin Cajuns versus Coastal Carolina football game for just $63.

A similar seat in a similar section in Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa on Saturday when LSU takes on Alabama will cost you $795. And that price is expected to go higher by kickoff on Saturday afternoon. Remember that's the price of a single ticket, not a pair.

As of early this morning, the average cost of a ticket just to get you inside the stadium for Saturday' LSU versus Alabama tilt will cost you $495 bucks. Should that ticket price hold, and it won't, it would make the Alabama LSU game the game with the fourth-highest average ticket price this year.

Games that have demanded higher ticket prices include Notre Dame vs Georgia, LSU vs Texas, and Oklahoma vs Texas. My guess is that by Saturday's kickoff the average price of a Tide vs Tigers ticket will top the $652 average price for a seat at the Notre Dame vs Georgia game played earlier this year.

In fact, the highest price I noticed on the Ticketmaster resale site was $1,322.00 for seats on Row 9 of Section H. I am sure there are more expensive seats being offered in some of the luxury skyboxes but if you're going to go to a football game, why be inside a room and watch on TV. I'd rather be down with the masses standing in line for the bathrooms.

No, wait. I wouldn't do that. I am probably going to work in my yard on Saturday afternoon. Y'all can tell me how the game turned out. I might use the $1,000 or so dollars I've saved by not going to Tuscaloosa to purchase a trip to Jamaica. If I have to watch a tide I'd rather it be Caribbean blue and not whatever color Alabama is.


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