If you're planning a wedding for 2024 in Louisiana, you may want to avoid getting married on a few of these dates in 2024.

People in Louisiana love a good time and that includes when someone that they know is getting married. Yes, wedding receptions here are just different, in a good way.

Some of the best parties I have attended here in South Louisiana have been at wedding receptions, yet people down south will prioritize even over a Saturday night wedding reception.

You see, as much as we love celebrating the marriage of family or friends, we also have a deep love for sports, specifically football in the Deep South.


Do you see where we're going here?

LSU football has just announced its 2024 schedule and there are some very "big games"  coming to Tiger Stadium next year. And yes, some people will choose a football game over your wedding day, they just will.

So, what are some important dates to avoid when planning a wedding in 2024 if you're getting married in Louisiana? Well, let's start with the first big game in Baton Rouge in 2024.

LSU will host UCLA on September 21st, just as wedding season begins to get into full swing. I can't recall UCLA ever coming to Tiger Stadium, so the excitement will be there for this huge game in Baton Rouge.

Then there's November 9th you will most certainly want to avoid. On that date, Alabama and Nick Saban roll into Death Valley and if you have an LSU fan on your wedding guest list, chances are they're going to this game or they're planning on watching this one from home, even if that means skipping out on your big day.

I'll add this to the Nov 9th date, a lot of entertainers (Bands and DJs) take this date off too, thus it may even be difficult to find entertainment for this date.

Florida v LSU
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Lastly, you will also want to avoid getting married on Nov. 30th, 2024. Not only is it just days after Thanksgiving, but on this date, Oklahoma marches into Tiger Stadium. Like the Alabama game, I see this one being on a lot of fans' "must attend" list.

Again, I know it may sound insensitive to some, but many here in Louisiana will prioritize a football game over a wedding, we just love football that much.

I hope this helps some of you and if you're planning a wedding for 2024, best of luck and congratulations.

To see the full 2024 LSU Football schedule, click HERE.


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