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Will we have Louisiana high school football this upcoming season in 2020? That's the big question surrounding the state as we inch closer and closer to the fall season.

The LHSAA has been trying to stand strong in their stance that there will be a football season this coming fall along with all the other sports to be played in the fall. However, they don't know, you don't know and I sure as hell don't know if we are actually going to see our beloved high school football this year...

On Wednesday, LHSAA Executive Director Eddie Bonine was very definite that there are no plans to cancel the fall sports season via Robin Fambrough on Twitter:

Now, Bonine isn't saying that they're going to play fall sports no matter what but if school is in session he says they're going to play this season.

"The LHSAA is committed to conducting fall sports to the direct benefit of your student-athletes however, we will not put schools in conflict or in harm's way. We have no intention of cancelling fall sports unless schools are closed or the pandemic dictates that is not safe to play."

We all hope that there are sports this coming fall especially high school football but there are still steps that need to be taken to get there. As we know, the state needs to be in phase four for football to even be played, as of now, we're extended into phase two until early August.

Stay safe and God bless.

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