Having Halloween fun with children is fine, but these daycare employees, some believe, took it too far. WAY too far.

Handing out candy to the kids with parental permission? Acceptable. Dressing up like ghosts and goblins and Mario Brothers with parental permission? Acceptable.

What is not acceptable, with or without parental permission? Giving them Candy Corn and scaring the bejeebers out of them.

Video has surfaced showing at least two different employees walking through classrooms inside a daycare, wearing masks, scaring the children. The employees even get right up in the faces of the children to scare them, and people aren't happy about it.

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WARNING: the following video might make your blood boil:

Their faces are blurred, so you might not be able to tell that the children in the daycare are scared witless. I watched the unedited version of the video and, believe me when I tell you, the faces of those children showed sheer horror.

That seemed to not bother the employees, at all, as they scared the children over and over again.

Daycare 1 via Twitter
via Twitter

Several people in the comments section on the unedited version of the video believe that the employees should be arrested.

And arrested they may be, soon. WTVA is reporting that four daycare employees were fired from their jobs over the poorly thought-through incident, and authorities are involved.

Daycare 2 via Twitter
via Twitter

WTVA says that the incident took place at Lil' Blessings Daycare in Hamilton, Mississippi and, according to the story, the owner said this is the second video of its type that was recorded at the facility.

The other video was recorded in September, though we do not have a link to it.

Daycare 3 via Twitter
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Authorities with jurisdiction over the daycare tell the news station that they are looking into the incident, but are the actions of the employees worthy of an arrest? Or do you think that termination is enough punishment?

Chime in with your thoughts.

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