ktdy secret sound

The KTDY Secret Sound Is Back!
KTDY's newest exciting contest, 'KTDY Secret Sound', returns this Monday, October 1. The KTDY Secret Sound contest is fun and easy to win. Your whole family will be playing along, guessing and winning lots of money.
CJ’s Daily Message: The Secret Sound Revealed [VIDEO]
Hold your calls, we have a winner! Finally! After weeks with this last 'KTDY Secret Sound', JayCee found a winner on his show today. So what I wanted to do tonight is to reveal to you the object making the sound that you've heard on the radio for weeks and tell you the next big con…
CJ’s Daily Message: Life Is Like Piano Keys [VIDEO]
Well I have to tell you, tonight's 'Daily Message' is just as good as last night's. Tonight's message is SO awesome. If compares the bad parts of life to the black keys on a piano's keyboard. I'm tellin' ya, watching tonight's video is a must.
CJ’s Daily Message: I Give You A Clue For The Secret Sound [VIDEO]
The KTDY Secret Sound is up to $1584.00. Deb and I will play again at 7:20am tomorrow during the Polyester Power Hour, an Old School Retro Show that's been number one in the Lafayette for over 21 years straight. In the video tonight, I give you a major clue to help you win our Secret Sound co…

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