My favorite contest is coming back!  KTDY's exciting contest, the KTDY Secret Sound, returns this Monday, June 3.  The KTDY Secret Sound contest is fun and so easy to win, your whole family will be playing along, guessing to win lots of money.

Each weekday at 7:20 AM, CJ and Emily J in the Morning will air the KTDY Secret Sound.  After it airs, caller 9 gets to guess what it is.

The 'KTDY Secret Sound' contest is played 3 times per weekday, at 7:20 AM, 12:20 PM and 5:20 PM.  The pot starts at $99 and increases $99 with every wrong answer.  The cash builds fast with this contest, so be sure to listen and play every day.  In case you miss some of the guesses, get the KTDY app.  All incorrect guesses will be sent to your phone!

The KTDY Secret Sound contest is presented by LaHaye Total Eye Care and LaHaye Hearing where they focus on vision and aide in audibility.  See them for your vision and hearing needs.

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