We've brought the Secret Sound back by popular demand. Folks LOVE playing this game! If you're not familiar, here's how it works. We'll play the secret sound three times a day, Monday - Friday. CJ & Jenn will play it at 7:20 am, Steve at 12:20, and JayCee at 5:20.

Caller #9 gets to guess. The pot starts at $99 and increases by $99 with each wrong guess 'til we get a winner. If you get it wrong, you can still win a valuable prize.

The Secret Sound is sponsored by Aire Serv of Lafayette. Everybody who guesses incorrectly gets entered in a drawing for a complete HVAC from Aire Serv. If you're caller #9 and guess incorrectly, don't hang up! We need your name & phone number to enter you in the drawing.

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