The KTDY Secret Sound is one of our favorite contests and, now that it's back on the air, we couldn't be happier to give away cash!

The first KTDY Secret Sound can be heard by clicking the play button on the link below:

Lots of people had great guesses (if you have the KTDY Mobile App you were sent all of the wrong guesses), but there was only 1 correct answer!

Sarah Seaux knew EXACTLY what the first KTDY Secret Sound was. Here is her guess:

Sarah won $1,980 for knowing the KTDY Secret Sound!

Tomorrow morning, CJ and Emily J will have a brand new sound for you to try to guess - it will be worth $99 if you know it but, remember, the pot grows quickly!

Big thanks to our friends at LaHaye Total Eyecare and LaHaye Hearing for sponsoring the KTDY Secret Sound!

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