The KTDY 'Secret Sound' is causing radios to be turned up all across Acadiana, the pot is now up to $1881.00.  It's presented by Spa Mizan.  So tonight I give you, what I consider to be a GREAT 'Daily Message' in addition to a GREAT clue for the 'Secret Sound'.

The next time we'll play the KTDY 'Secret Sound' contest is Monday at 7:20am.  It's gotten to the point to where I can't escape my house without someone yelling, "I know what it is, but I can never get through" or "Give me a hint CJ, I won't tell anybody you gave it to me".  Haha, y'all so funny.  Okay, so tonight's video has a another clue to help you win the money.  You're welcome.  lol

See you tomorrow at Wine, Women and Shoes at City Club, a fundraiser for Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  I've been raising money for the charity.  I have until 2pm tomorrow, to raise as much as I can.  You can help me by clicking this link to make a donation.  Thank you!

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