As of 5:55 PM Monday, May 21st, 2018, the KTDY Secret Sound Jackpot is worth $3,663!!  Your next chance to guess is tomorrow at 7:20 with CJ and Debbie Ray in the morning.

If you want to hear the clues, you can check out CJ's Daily Messages! He drops hints within the videos, and they may just help you figure out the KTDY Secret Sound.

When you click the link above, click "Subscribe", and then look for CJ's Daily Messages for the clues.

Thanks to Spa Mizan for sponsoring the KTDY Secret Sound (do you know how many massages and haircuts $3,663 will buy?  LOTS!!

Good luck, and we hope YOU win the KTDY Secret Sound!


Man celebrates success under money rain falling down dollar banknotes
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