Hear and See Elvis' First-Ever Recording
July 19, marks the date Elvis Presley's "That's All Right" was released by Sun Records of Memphis in 1954. Most people around the world believe it to be Elvis Presley's first-ever recording...but it's not.
2018 Memphis Trip With CJ Details
It's time to head back to Graceland with Acadiana's #1 Elvis fan CJ from CJ and Debbie Ray in the Morning. This year will be even more amazing.
Exclusive Videos And Pics From CJ's Memphis Trip
I know, I know, what happened in Memphis is supposed to stay in Memphis. We had such a great time I have to share a few videos and pics, only the safe for work videos and pics lol. A luxury coach full of 56 happy Cajun Elvis fans (most were Elvis fans) took to the highways and byways of the deep …
Headed To Memphis With CJ?
It's getting close Elvis fans! We leave this Wednesday morning for the 'Ultimate VIP Christmas Lighting of Graceland With CJ Holiday Exclusive'. We will have a blast! Private tours, Beale St., the new Elvis Entertainment Complex, Graceland, Sun Studios, the new Elvis Presley hotel,…

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