Non-Elvis Presley fans may think it's gross, but true Elvis fans would love to get their hands on the next big Elvis items up for grabs in a Hollywood & Music auction to be held November 4, 2021.

You, yes YOU, can own a piece of gold that was in Elvis' mouth for years. TMZ is reporting that a gold crown from Presley's mouth will go up for auction on December 4, 2021, at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (PT).

The dental crown has changed hands over the years ... the auction house says Elvis' fiancée, Linda Thompson, originally gifted it to Jimmy Velvet before it ended up in a private collection after being purchased in 1996 from the Elvis Presley Museum ... and now it's time for a new owner. -TMZ

The opening bid at is very reasonable, only $2500.00. The crown comes beautifully framed, with a picture of Elvis on stage and a silver plate that reads, "Original tooth from the Kings mouth this rare piece was kept in the possession of Elvis' fiancee Linda Thompson until being acquired and later sold by the Elvis Presley Museum"

Elvis Presley's gold-filled dental crown goes up for auction.

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