Clown In Your Window?
I have compiled a list of the top 5 things that a Cajun might do if she (or he) would do if she saw a clown peering into her bedroom window.
Target Removes Clown Masks
In a press release, Target has announced it's removing clown masks and costumes from its stores and only offering a few clown - related items on its website.
Ronald Takes A McBreak
If you were hoping to have Ronald entertain your kids at a McDonald's birthday party, you'll have to wait until the clown craze blows over.
Batman Hunts Clowns
This could be the perfect ending to this damn clown epidemic! The Batman has come to the aid of children (and adults) who fear the clown.
Still Not Funny
National clown sightings continue despite warnings from law enforcement that people wearing clown masks can be arrested.

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