The movie version of Stephen King's 'It' may cause new appearances of creepy clown sightings.

Last year's mass sightings of 'creepy clowns' was a global event that had everyone edge. Most sightings were people getting in on the craze and pranking friends and family, but some of the incidents were serious, involving threats that almost cancelled trick or treating in Acadiana and worst of all, one confirmed death.

As with most things in our busy lives today, we all but forgot about what some called 'Clownpocalypse' and moved on. Rumors circulated last year that New Line Cinema was behind the creepy clown craze, hiring people to appear in public in clown masks to generate buzz about their movie version of Stephen King's 'It.' The movie and novel of the same name feature a child - killing clown named Pennywise. The movie is finally releasing this Thursday night, and some authorities are concerned interest in the movie could lead to 'Clownpocalypse II.'

Pennsylvania State Police have issued a statement warning officials and the public that the release of It this weekend could lead to a new series of clown sightings. It's a safe bet that the arrival of the Halloween season will also cause an increase in mischievous activity.

If you happen to see people wearing masks in public, remember that's against the law in Louisiana outside of Halloween and Mardi Gras. That goes for clown masks, too.

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