Christmas movies can really get you into the holiday spirit and we all have our favorites.

I recently came across a survey that identified the top-10 favorite holiday movies and I agree that all ten belong on this list.

However, I do question the top- 3 and I would add one to the the top of the list. So, let's take a look at the top-10 favorite holiday movies, and let's see if your favorite makes the top of this list.

At number ten, it's the movie 'Die Hard." For years we have gone down the road to debate if this movie is a Christmas movie or not. I'm not going down this road again, but it has made the list.

Next, at number nine on the list, it's a classic from the mid-90s "Miracle on 34th Street." Honestly, I thought that this movie would be higher on the list.

Coming in at number eight on the list of favorite holiday movies is the movie, "The Santa Claus." What a great one.

Next on the list is the Christmas movie "It's a Wonderful Life." This classic always gets folks in the holiday spirit and it probably has a lot to do with the scenery.

Coming in at number is the iconic movie "Christmas Vacation." Personally, I think that this movie belongs in the top-3, it's that good. And yes, we watch this one multiple times during the holiday season at home.

Getting into the top-5 favorite holiday movies starts with the movie "Elf." This classic is not only a comedy, but it also serves the purpose of the season. A great one.

The number four movie on the list of favorite holiday movies is "Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer." This Christmas classic airs on broadcast TV each year and as a kid I waited for this one all year.

Now to the top three favorite holiday movies, at number three it's "A Charlie Brown Christmas." While this is a true Christmas classic, it would not be in my top-3, but America has put this movie above some great ones.

At number two on the list is the movie "A Christmas Story." Yes, the movie that airs for 24 hours on TNT each Christmas. Ralphie and his family captured the hearts of families years ago, and America still loves this story.

And finally, the number one favorite holiday movie according to America is none other than "Home Alone." This movie is so good, yet some say that this isn't really a Christmas movie. Really? Did they not watch the same movie we all watched?


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