It's no secret, that many of us love the Christmas classic, "Christmas Vacation."

Many of us grew up watching this movie during the holidays and let's face it, the cast is almost like family to many of us.

Each time I watch this movie during the holiday season, I feel like I am watching those that I know or would consider family. After all, how many times have you related cast members to someone who is part of your family?

Sadly, some of the cast members in 'Christmas Vacation," which was released in 1989, have since passed away and we'll take a look at those part of the family in this Christmas classic.

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Let's start with "Clark." Well, Chevy Chase is alive and well, and some continue to follow Chase's wild and outspoken lifestyle. His wife in the movie, "Ellen" who is played by Beverly D'Angelo is also still alive and very active on social media.

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How about "Cousin Eddie" in the movie? Randy Quaid is also alive and well, and for a while, many were concerned about his health and mental health, but he seems to have addressed some of those issues in his life. His wife in the movie "Catherine" was played by Miriam Flynn and she too is still alive.

Both kids to Clark and Ellen in the movie are still alive, Russ and Audrey.

Mae Questel, who played "Aunt Bethany" sadly died in 1998 and William Edward Hickey who played "Lewis" in the movie died in 1997.

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Doris Roberts who played "Frances Smith" passed away in 2016 and her husband in the movie, "Art" passed away in 1997.

As for Clark's parents in the movie, Diane Ladd who played his mother is still alive, but John Randolph who played Clark's father died back in 2004.

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If you're curious about Clark's boss in the movie, who was kidnapped by Cousin Eddie, Brian Doyle-Murray is still alive and is the bother of another famous actor, Bill Murray.


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