In a press release, Target has announced it's removing clown masks and costumes from its stores and only offering a few clown - related items on its website. Target's exact statement, according to ABC News, is that the company is removing the items 'out of sensitivity to the issue at hand.'

I've written about the creepy clown appearances before and have said that they shouldn't be taken lightly, but this is going too far. As TJ Holmes points out in the video above, you can still buy a Michael Myers mask with a fake kitchen knife on Target's site, but not a clown costume or mask.

This is just my opinion, but removing clown masks isn't going to stop the behavior of one group of idiots who want to break the law and threaten other people. They'll just find another way to get in the spotlight.

I also believe it's healthy to be scared and to scare others, but only in appropriate ways. Halloween is the perfect time of year to face our fears of death, the unknown, and the supernatural. It's a shame to think that Halloween might be affected by the clown craze, as some are considering cancelling trick or treating because of clown attacks.

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